Club Resources

Is Your Car Ready To Tour?

The most recent Vintage Ford magazine includes a copy of the Safety Inspection Form. I highly recommend checking your car using this or a similar checklist once each season and after any major maintenance.

If you would like, we can arrange for someone to check out your car using the sheet to help make sure your car is ready for the road. Members should contact Walt Berdan at or 425 614-6650 if interested.

Once the safety check is complete, take an inventory of supplies in your car. Naturally registration and insurance card but you should also carry a fire extinguisher, gloves, tarp, rags, hand cleaner, basic tools, a quart of oil, water, club roster, and a cell phone. Some folks include other minor parts, tape, wire, and other bits. It seems the better prepared the less likely that you will actually need to use these things. Even if you don’t need the supplies it can be good to help out a fellow T’er in need.

Restoration Videos

(in DVD format)

One of our newest members, Joe Davies, has graciously converted our collection of some of the National MTFCA’s “T” Tips—Restoration Videos which were in VHS format into now-usable DVD format. The chapter will loan these to members to help them during restoration and/or to view before ordering their own from the National. There will be a check-out system so that we know who has what and for how long. Here are the ones that are available along with the running times:

1-1 Balancing Tires 16 min. 25 sec.
1-2 Model T Tires Part I 26 min. 56 sec.
1-3 Model T Tires Part II 24 min. 12 sec.
1-4 The Model T Fuel Filter 15 min. 8 sec.
1-5 Model T Bands 15 min. 2 sec.
2-2 Restoring the ‘T’ Cutout 38 min. 10 sec.
2-3 Front End Alignment 23 min. 31 sec.
3-1 Coils Part I 22 min. 51 sec.
3-2 Model T Coils Part II 40 min. 0 sec.
3-3 Model T Coils Part III 38 min. 14 sec.
4-3 Speedometer Restoration Part I 57 min. 48 sec.
4-4 Speedometer Restoration Part II 35 min. 8 sec.
4-5 Speedometer Restoration Part III 45 min. 11 sec.
5-1 Restoration of the T Rear End Part I 48 min. 34 sec.
5-2 Restoration of the T Rear End Part II 46 min. 3 sec.
5-3 Restoration of the T Rear End Part III 50 min. 37 sec.
5-4 The Model T Radiator 45 min. 7 sec.
5-5 Restoration of the Model T Manifold 29 min. 4 sec.
–- “Horatio”, New York to Seattle Race ?


Our storekeeper, Mike McGinnis, will bring these to the meetings so that you may check them out.