On April 2, 2015, we had the Tulip Tour up in Skagit County. Ray Moore hit the weather exactly right. He scheduled the tour between two days of stormy weather. The day was cool but no rain, and the tulips were absolutely magnificent.


by “Jonathon Henry Seagull”, our club’s old-time reporter

Weather was the biggest concern for the week. And, we must admit that when we started out, it was only 43 degrees, spitting a bit of rain, and producing a chilly wind. Consequently, the McGinnises chose to leave their T in the trailer rather than to chance illness, and gave new members, the Davies, a narrated ride in the warmth of their Envoy. Still, six T’s plus two modern vehicles left the Borton’s farm, with Sarah and Jeromie Newberg’s with their guests “peeling off” toward the south with their two T’s since they needed to return home; the rest all headed north. The T’s housed Walt and Mary Berdan, Ray Moore, Jerry and Patty Wrolstad, and Dick and Beverly Borton; the moderns included Joe and Colleen Davies with Mike and Donna McGinnis, and other new members Steve and Linda Schmidt (who have provided us with many pictures as well as a video of the tour.)

As we progressed northward, the skies began to show more blue with puffy clouds and even though the breeze continued, t’was much more to a bird’s liking as well as all of those riding in open T’s. Following the back roads through Snohomish County and into Skagit County made for pleasant driving. When we arrived at Roozengaarde’s, we were greeted by throngs of people and directed into parking places. The female contingency chose to roam through the gardens while most of the men chose to do some tire kicking. The intense vivid colors which Mother Nature uses are beyond duplication by man. Then we continued on, viewing the fields of colorful tulips and stopped next at some on the fields owned by Roozengaarde’s where all of the participants except Mike roamed the pathways. There also became the perfect “photo shoot” of the T’s with the field of tulips in the background. Many of the crowd were so excited to see and be up close to a Model T that it was almost difficult for any of our group to get pictures; everyone in the parking lot was busy with a camera or a smart phone. By the way, did you know that many of the tulips sold from Holland actually are exported to Holland from our local Roozengaarde’s?!?

As the time was whittling away it was decided to head to the Conway Tavern for lunch rather than to try to get to the Salmon Feed. It had a perfect long table which accommodated the whole crowd (though the dogs which rode along had to stay in their cars and as a seagull, I could still fly overhead and keep track of the gang.) The food there is known to be great, and everyone’s hunger was satisfied. Following this pleasant stop, my skyward vantage point showed each car choosing its own route back.

Puget Sound Model T Ford Club Performance Art fun Redmond, WA

The Puget Sound Model T Ford Club participated in the May 2015 Performance Art special near downtown Redmond, WA directed by Lucia Near. A good bit of whimsy and fun was had by club members, Bob Allen, Mike and Donna McGinnis, Jerry and Patty Wrolstad and Walt Berdan.

We have videos (1) from Steve Schmidt.


Paine Field Aviation Day 2015

We have videos (1, 2 & 3) from from Steve Schmidt and Ryan Spott.